PREORDER 2022- Russian Carniolan Queens


Tiered Pricing:

Unmarked queens starting at $42/each

Marked queens additional $3/each

1-10 queens = $42 each in wooden cage

11-18 queens = $37 each shipped in battery box in plastic JZBZ cages

19-49 queens = $32 each shipped in battery box in plastic JZBZ cages

50-100 queens = $28 each shipped in Riteway shipping box in plastic JZBZ cages

Contact us for pricing and availability on orders of 100+ queens

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Russian Carniolan Queens

Russian bees with their dark, gray/black coloration have shown excellent resistance to Varroa and tracheal mites. They overwinter very well and build up fast in the spring with the nectar flow due to their innate ability to work with their surrounding environment. They produce more propolis than other breeds as part of their hygienic, disease resistant behavior. Russian bees are an excellent choice for beekeepers seeking to avoid colony loss caused by varroa mites or beginning beekeepers who desire bees that may require less frequent or lower levels of treatments.

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Weight .07 lbs
Dimensions 1.1 × 1.1 × .4 in

Marked Queen, Unmarked Queen


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